Buying Used

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Used aircraft sales can be like a “hit and run” once the deal is signed and commissions are paid, after aircraft ownership is closed it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get things put right.

Here at Aircraft Capital Management we are here to help you acquire your aircraft without the post sales economic surprises.

Aircraft Capital Management Corporation can do a preliminary pre-buy inspection before you commit to a level 1 to level 5 pre-buy inspections, therefore saving you money and aggravation.

This may involve a logbook review for glaring faults or deficiencies that would leave you with a lemon.

We can help prevent financial burdens that might be realised upon the next inspection, and minimize the chances that you'll get stuck paying for snags/squawks that were the seller’s responsibility.

You may want a test flight or acceptance flight performed to a standard check-list from a knowledgeable resource, a level 1 to level 5 pre-buy inspection with supervision and representation demonstrates to the seller you want a quality aircraft and ensure the accuracy of that pre-buy report.

You get the advantage and reduce the risk of “pen-whipping” inspections to help keep the sale on time and on schedule.

We can oversee and manage the transaction, from operational needs, sale agreements, specifications, program set up and contract obligations and ensure items are not over-looked and the transaction is carried out within the agreement.